Teacher's Day Celebration

Educational Trip to Jurong Bird Park

Children boarded the bus to Jurong Bird Park with great excitement to meet variety of bird species on 14 August, Thursday. They got more than what they were expecting. Watching the ‘Kings of the Skies’ show was a very noteworthy moment. Children had close face-to-face counter with vultures, condors, eagles, owls and kites; the birds of prey. They viewed how these birds skillfully snatched their food tossed in the air. These birds have keen eyesight for detecting food at a distance and during flight. ‘High Flyers’ show was also very amazing. Children observed in super close distance birds in their graceful flights and incredible skills. The talking and singing Macaw in English, Chinese and Malay language was remarkable. Children kept talking about Flamingo, then they saw them and more. The penguins, chicken, toucan, horn bill, parrots, pelicans and others. This experience would surely ignite their curiosity to know more about birds.

Educational Trip to Gardens by the Bay

We had a visit to the two conservatories Domes at Gardens by the bay on 26th July. Parents and children were fortunate the awesome floral displays and sculptures. LMA children had their experiential encounter with our National Flower, Vanda Miss Joaquin too. Additionally, the cool and refreshing experience at the waterfall was fantastic.

Visit to Primary School (Stamford Primary School)

The K2 children had a "Wow Wow" time at Stamford Primary School on 19th July morning. We were fortunate that our visit coincided with their Racial Harmony Day celebration. Hence, children not only got their first hand experiential learning about Primary School environment and routine, they also had a good time celebrating RHD with the big sisters and brothers.

Field Trip to Kok Fah Technology Farm

On Friday (21st June 2019), we set off for our field trip to Kok Fah Technology Farm. Through this field trip experience, children learned new knowledge on how to take care of the plant and observed what a farmer’s job is like. Children actively participated in answering questions asked by the speaker (farmer) and attentively listened as she explained the ways to take care of the plants.