Belief   1

Every   Student(LMS) Matters; We will create a culture care for every student to   develop holistically and to grow in character

Belief   2

Every   Student can learn; We wil  engage and   challenge every student in learning by proving a safe and conducive school   environment

Belief   3

Every   Student has unique strengths and talents    We will help every student discover his/her strengths and talents and   to reach his/her fullest potential

Belief   4

Every   Student can succeedWe will motivate and support every student to succeed in   his/her strengths and talents

Belief   5

Every   Student can make a difference in the community We will provide oppprtunities   for every student to contribute to the community in meaningful ways


Enrichment Programmes

Lavender Meadows offers a wide range of enrichment classes for our students to widen their interests and knowledge. Enrichment classes can help to boost children's self-confidence and language skills. It is also a reinforcement of learning to achieve better grades and prepare the children to Primary School.

Our enrichment lessons are carefully thought out and specially customized for our children to help them express their creativity and discover their talents. Some focus on helping to improve language literacy while others focus on music and physical development.

All our enrichment classes are conducted outside the curriculum hours by our in-house teachers and specialized professionals from various learning institutions who have been carefully selected by our school.


ü  Chinese   Abacus

ü  Chinese   Calligraphy & Painting

ü  Han   Yu Pin Yin

ü  English   Speech and Drama

ü  Chinese   Cultural & Traditional Education

ü  Mandarin   Drama and Dialogue

ü  Mandarin   Story Recital and Vocabulary

ü  Meditation   – Yoga 

ü  Chess

ü  badminton

ü  Chinese   Rapid Word Recognition

ü  Violin

ü  Montessori   Education