The role of ear education is to prepare children for the enjoyable and exciting journey of life-long learning. Early childhood is the best time to ignite a child’s love for learning. A child who sees learning as pleasurable and challenging has a headstart on the journey of life-long learning and looks forward to the spectrum of opportunities they can explore and discover. At lavender Meadows we believe in every child, in their uniqueness, in their gifts and talents, and our role is to help your child to be the best that he or she can be, in developing their abilities, and building their character and integrity.

Young children are active and natural learners. They are constantly learning, through observing, exploring, discovering, investigating, imagining, knowledge acquiring and sharing. Children are inquisitive by nature. Young children are naturally intrigued with the world around them. Learning through innovative play encourages critical thinking abilities and continually stimulates the children's natural curiosity that fuels their enthusiasm for learning.

Children learn by observing others and imitating what they see and hear. They imitate values and attitudes that they see in parents, teachers and peers. Children not only absorb knowledge and life skills, they are also learning and building their character. We believe in the holistic development of the whole child and our programme is tailored to draw out the full potential of our students in every aspect. Lavender Meadows  teachers are hand-picked and trained to facilitate learning and to help create positive childhood experiences, attitudes and interactions in a loving, responsive and stimulating learning environment.


Advocating a promising future for every student


We are committed to providing a caring and creative learning environment that customises authentic learning experiences, builds student’s character and equips them for academic progression


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