Covid-19? No way!!

Here is Lavender we have ‘built’ our strong fences against COVID-19. On top of all the necessary measures such as temperature taking, declaration etc, we disinfect our furnishes and toys daily. We also spray our center with disinfect solution used by medical centers. Hi parents and guardians, it is a NO WAY for COVID-19 in Lavender Meadows Academy

Deepavali Celebration

Deepavali, the Festival of Light on 24 October, LMA celebrated Deepavali. It was an eye-opener for LMA children on Indian's culture and practices. On that morning, the center was enveloped with Indian songs and decors to set the mood. We were so privilege to have our two Parent Volunteers, Ms Aiko (Chiharu's mother) and Ms Ranjeet (Sukhmani's mother) to help in the Heena Art Work and the program. The celebration started with a short introduction to this Festival of Light by teacher Carra. Thereafter, our beautiful and lovely Parent Volunteer, Ms Ranjeet, taught and led LMA children in a Tamil dance. Lavender Meadows' parents and guardians were also very generous with their contribution to this celebration. Many thanks to Ms Ranjeet, Ms Aiko and all parents / guardians who had contributed to make this event so wonderful for the children. Last but not least, LMA children got to bring back their little oil lamp art piece home.

Children's Day Celebration

Laughter and joy filled the atmosphere in the center as Lavender Meadows children celebrated Children's Day on 3 October, Thursday. They were showered with gifts from the Lavender Meadows Management, teachers and Principal. There were non-stop activities on that day.The celebration started a pre-activity of free-dancing, music and movement, stories telling by Ms Sarah (Eira's mum), photo-taking of Heroes and Princesses, games and finally a feast. Children really had a great time. A Happy Children's Day to all of you, children!

Mid-Autumn Celebration

Lavender Meadows celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival on 12 September 2019. Ms Qi Hong presented the story of the overthrowing of Mongols, Yuan Dynasty, in China, which led to the making of mooncakes. Children were made aware of how people celebrate Mooncake Festival. Children brought different beautiful lanterns of different sizes, shapes and kinds. Kind parents brought us nice mooncakes and pomelos. The morning celebration ended with snow-skin mooncake making. See, what a group of marvelous Chefs! They got to bring back their mooncake. After snap, teachers brought children out to walk with their lanterns.’ some with their own hand-made ones. We, all of us, had a very happy and memorable Mid-Autumn Festival.

Racial Harmony Celebration 2019

LMA celebrated our Racial Harmony Day on 18th July conducted by Ms Doris. Children had a wonderful time seeing different culture costumes wore by their friends and teachers. They enjoyed playing cultural games and tasting various traditional food contributed by our generous parents. A big Thank You to all who have made this celebration great!

Dragon Boat Festival cum Father's Day

As the celebration of Dragon Boat Festival, Ms. Qi and Ms. Patsy lead the program last 6th June 2019. Ms. Qi showed the children the Dragon boat festival and how was it celebrated. Ms. Patsy showed the ingredients in dumpling making and demonstrate how was it made. The children enjoyed the program as well as the dumpling they ate on their tea break. Dumplings were brought home by the children to give to their father as their present for the upcoming Father's Day.

Parent - Teacher Meeting Term 2 2019

Kids do better in school when parents get involved. Attending parent-teacher conferences is one way to be involved and help your child succeed. A parent-teacher conference is a great opportunity to discuss your child's progress, share your child's strengths and needs, work with the teacher to help your child do well in school. Thank you to all parents who came last 8th June 2019, Lavender Meadows Academy's Parent-Teacher Meeting.

Hari Raya Puasa Celebration

Our school celebrated Hari Raya Puasa on the 30th May 2019, where the children get to explore the Malay Culture. They had fun dancing, listening to story and playing traditional Malay games conducted by Ms. Grace. Thanks all parents for their contributions of food and drinks to our party! Selamat Hari Raya to all!!

Sushi Making Day! 一起做寿司吧!

Sushi Making Day! 一起做寿司吧!

New PlayGroup School Tour 新年新学生认识新学校

Get to know about my new school

文化讲堂浸濡学习- 毛笔书法课程

为了大力配合新加坡政府对中华文化的推广,我们幼儿园设立了文化讲堂浸濡学习- 中华文化之毛笔书法课程 通过毛笔书法课程对学生有以下几个方面的发展: 1 体能发展 - 小肌肉的发展( 握笔的动作)/ 大肌肉的发展( 手臂的动作及运笔的动作) 2 认知发展 - (语言发展)对文字的学习/ 对写作的兴趣了解 3 技能发展 - 与同学之间的交流,沟通

熏衣园双语实验优儿学校的团队领导力培养·- 绘画游戏方案设计课程

小小·领导者---创意绘画游戏·设计课程· 致力于培养·儿童的责任感,建立自信,小小团队合作·精神, 以分组教学作为课程的主体